Black Russian Terrier kennel and puppies.

We have puppies born 22 December 2020

Welcome to AstraFidelis - the Black Russian Terrier breeding, where you can buy puppies from Black Russian Terrier with great pedigree. Everyone who is looking for dogs after successful parents (in the pedigree there are the leading representatives of the breed including World and Europe Winners, Interchampions, Champions), raised in home with children and with other pets is welcome to contact us.

This breed was created in the former Soviet Union, approved in 1981. The Russians tried to get a dog with universal utility values, which could be used in the army and in the border guards. For creation of the breed were used such breeds as the Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale terrier and Newfoundland.

Black Russian Terrier is a durable dog, resistant to various environmental conditions, less prone to disease, with balanced temperament, watchful but not hyperactive. It is wary of strangers, courageous and confident. Ideal for training, very quick to learn. The dog loves working with the guide, does not like monotony. Works great in the role of guardian of our possessions. But it isn't a dog "to the doghouse" and is not suitable for coop. Black Russian Terrier loves being surrounded by their owners, although it is not the intrusive dog. Its size does not trouble, even in a small apartment. When nothing is happening, Black Russian Terrier usually lies in a quiet place and observe the surroundings. With his intelligence the dog can assess the risk and reacts only when the situation require the reaction. Black Russian Terrier doesn't barking all the time, and doesn't run around the fence the whole day without important reason. The dog reacts only when it is necessary.

BRT is a "one man's dog", it needs a consistent and calm owner. Despite this, very well get along with other family members. Black Russian Terriers tolerates other animals in their environment. It is very balanced and patient so the children can feel safe with him, no matters how crazy plays the kids invent. And there's nothing better than snuggling into a large, furry, black "teddy bear". And important note: Black Terriers require intensive care of their hair. If you think that in this case it is enough to swim once a year then you are wrong. To be able to enjoy the beautiful and well kept hair you need to remember that our friend needs regular bathing and clipping (at least once every 2 months) and combing the undercoat out. Neglect of this and incompetent care often ends up with elflocks and sometimes with inflammation, which in turn leads to the need of shaving all the hair.